Cheese, popular among the ladies?

I like cheese in general. On my sandwiches, with tuna and crackers, on my nachos, wherever. Swiss cheese would have to be my favourite when it comes to sandwich making. Nice and light, tasty yet not overbearing, and those holes are really something special aren’t they? Although I wouldn’t recommend having any cheese right before bed, it gives you nightmares ( I have tested the theory ). But seriously this entry is about a different type of cheese, and no not that type of cheese you cheeky devils ( no woman likes that ). I’m talking about being overly romantic, AKA too “cheesy”. You know what I mean, calling a girl beautiful constantly, touching her hand on the first date all that overbearing stuff that makes us normal people cringe and puke. Don’t get me wrong, being romantic is a great way to melt a woman’s heart, and a lot of them enjoy it very much. Just because someone like me can’t throw around compliments at will doesn’t mean I should be telling all you other love birds to stop doing it too. Or maybe I should, because to your surprise plenty of girls dislike cheesiness…hate it even! I suppose you could say those are my types of girls, but then again I would still like to be able to get in their good books with a cheeky compliment here and there. Personally, I like to flatter a woman only when I mean it. It makes it easier for me to do it when it’s sincere, and the girl understands that when I occasionally do flatter her, it means something. Without dragging on too much and making this a huge entry, I will get into my opinions, theories and a story which inspired me to cover this topic.

It’s clear from that intro that I’m not crazy about girls who fall in-love with someone who is being incredibly cheesy towards them. There is a couple personal reasons to this. Firstly, it is just to easy. Somebody walks up to you, says you’re beautiful and that’s it? Not right in my books, and feels like cheating in a way. You might stereotype me as a typical guy who loves the chase, but is she really worth it if it was that easy? Possible topic for another time. Secondly, I think there is something strange about a woman who doesn’t question a guy constantly flattering her. For example “does he want to get in my pants”, “does he say this to every girl”, “does he think that cheesy s*@t is going to work on me” etc, etc. If at least one of those questions doesn’t pop up in the girl’s mind when blatant cheesiness is being used, that is a warning sign to me. It is hard to explain why without being mean, but maybe the girl can’t identify the danger of a sleazy guy, or tell between a right or wrong choice ( that was mean, ops ). Furthermore, maybe she is still young and innocent before some jerk came into her life to make her second guess every male after what he did. This is the one time I could cut the girl some slack, and I guess I would be pretty lucky as a guy to come across such a girl before anyone else has tainted her mind, but even then how would I know which category she falls into without getting to know her inside and out?  The third scenario is the girl probably knows exactly what is going on, and doesn’t mind. She knows the guys intentions from his approach, and whatever, she is down for a good night as well. It is a 50/50 approach that can still bring you good results, if some harmless fun is what you are looking for. I realise at this point that I might have made this piece slightly biased towards my tastes, but at the same time I’m attempting to describe the types of girls who like cheese and why, as well as blending it with my own personal preferences. Regardless, lets refresh  what we have so far for minimal confusion. Group A} Cheese lovers. They are either really nice, naive, silly ( lets not use stupid ), not stupid and naive and just want someone to flatter them to feel better because they are down on self-esteem, orrrr they are the girl who hasn’t been tainted and thinks you are a nice guy with good intentions. And by all means you could be! There is plenty of males out there who see a beautiful girl and proceed to tell it to her face, the “nothing to lose” approach. That works fine on any girl from the “Cheese lovers” category, no problem. But here is when it gets tricky, what happens when you are faced with a girl from group B} ? And not even someone who hates cheese, someone who hates any type of complements! Lets cover that now. Don’t think there is a point in covering group C}… they see right through you, know you want to get in their pants and they will oblige, happy ending.

Back to the main task at hand, girls that don’t like cheese, and in some cases complements. Haven’t ran into to many of these I will be honest. But when you meet one they are rare gems. I am not talking about women who don’t like hearing it from seedy randoms, yet don’t mind it from their boyfriends, I mean girls that don’t like it at all! Strange right, something must be wrong? I personally think in lots of these cases there is a personal problem, like a past experience in a relationship or fling. I will also make the judgment that many of these girls are strong independent single ladies who don’t need no man giving them complements to feel better about them selves. To top it of, mixed with a bad past experience also makes them not trust any of the crap that comes out of any boys mouth. Therefore you have an independent woman with trust issues. Toughest of the tough nuts to crack if you ask me. Now this is just my Dr.Phill generalisation of all women who don’t like cheese, surely they all have different stories and reasons, while others could have just been born or brought up that way since day one. In one of my rare cases, I was spot on..

Known this girl for a very long time now. Reason for that, she is the type described above. Lots of twists and turns, road blocks, almost giving up, small glimmers of hope to crash and burn once again. It is not like me to stick with something that I think is a lost cause on multiple different occasions, but it’s also not like me to give up on such a riveting new puzzle. Good thing I stuck around too, because at the end of the tunnel there is always light. In my case anyway ( I won a persistence award in primary school ). Fast forward past all of them road blocks, the good and the bad scenarios, things are looking up, going steady and I know everything about this girl. Going through a bad time in the past, made a mistake with a guy that she regrets very much = very hard exterior, trust issues and  of course hates anything lovey-dovey or even general complements. This is not how she always was either. Without sounding too full of my self, I had a strong feeling these problems were causing  her cold behaviour towards me since day one, even after a long period of getting to know each other. Today I can proudly say that a lot of the barriers are down and that even though I gave up few times it was only temporarily. The key in this situation? Patience. More than I have ever needed and more than I have ever produced in a situation with a woman. Bit of luck, destiny, even a small jealousy card was played. It took everything I had and it is still far from over.  I feel like I shouldn’t put a number on it, but lets just say it took months, lots of months, (only because I don’t want to discourage anyone with years ). Without a doubt you could be thinking what a loser, took him all that time, I could smash that in weeks. Maybe, I am no Casanova and I did acknowledge a few key events I could have taken on differently and sped up the process, if only slightly. I was very hard on my self, and it was the first scenario like this I encountered, which is why I could easily say I have also never been as nervous. Droping in two cents more to the story, the lady has not been involved in ANY way with anyone since that “regret”, was not looking for anyone, was even staying away from it, and at one point I was told of by some “Playboy” who I dislike that I should give up because he ” tried and there is no chance”. Means nothing probably but who knows how many other attempted and gave up.

So what is my conclusion to this? Simple, despite the long blog. I hate cheese, women either like it, hate it or pretend to like it to get in your pants. To the rare ones that absolutely despise it, give them time. Their trust needs to be earned. Find different unique ways to get close to a woman who does anything she can NOT to get close  to someone, even if she likes you deep down. It is a very tough situation, and needs to be handled with care and lots of patience, but if it is worth it to you there should be no problem. If they like you deep down, then they trust you, just might be afraid to show you at this point in time. When it is all said and done, you could be surprised how many compliments she wants now that she is comfortable around you ( or she could just be the type that hates cheese no matter what, in which case you are stuck with that forever ).  Adios and good luck my friends.




friendzoneThe Friend Zone, a mans worst enemy? A top 5 suspect without a doubt in my opinion. Lets be honest, we have all experienced it at one point or another in our lives. I can’t speak for women, but us males suffer from this problem in a major way. Every friend in my friendship circle has suffered from the friend zone, myself included. Even friends of my friends have been victimized. It is a wide-spread epidemic. If you have been living under a rock, or maybe you are a woman who has never had a problem with being “friend zoned”, I am referring  to a platonic relationship between a guy and a girl (or the same-sex who knows), where one wants to take it to next level aka. romantic/sexual level, and the other doesn’t, specifically due the fact that she/he (always a woman let’s be honest) sees him as more of a friend or brother figure. Crippling stuff I know, you can imagine why once you enter the friend zone there is no escape. In fact I only know of one case in which the long-term friend escaped the friend zone and got the girl in the end. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being good friends with a girl, not at all. However majority of the males are not looking for a friendship when they decide to meet random females, they have plenty of friends already. Getting friend zoned is just another way to get rejected, and although girls think it’s not as bad because you still get to keep their friendship, it is in fact the worst rejection  of them all. You are telling this guy who wants more than just a friendship that you can’t see yourself with him because he is essentially like your brother. That means you have about zero or even minus zero sexual attraction towards him, no mater how good-looking he is. You can tell each other everything, spend time together, have sleepovers (the worst cases) but the one thing he wants, that is a no-go. Brutal stuff, and it happens all the time. Too many times, and I believe it is due to the same mistakes. So how do you stay away from the friend zone, and what causes it? I believe I have most of the answers, if you will hear me out.

First of I believe there is one major factor contributing to the friends zone epidemic. Something that has been drilled into male brains by others, specifically females! That’s right, the blame falls on the gender we are truing to win over. The cause of my blame is “chivalry”, or in other words behaving like a gentleman to women. Don’t go crazy yet. I am actually all for opening doors, paying for dinners, manners etc. Although I am talking about the other side of it. The side that most women complain majority of the males lack. I am talking about listening to their problems, helping them out, comforting them when they are feeling down…. see a pattern here? These are things friends do, yet things women apparently want from men. And we all know this, we hear it all the time. We don’t just act like a girls best friend because it’s who we are, it’s because we think that is what they want. Someone she can rely on 24/7, therefore we do anything we can to become that person, even though as a male species we struggle (its been medically proven that males have a smaller emotion section in the brain, as well as struggling to realise when someone is not ok). Although once we prove to this woman we are more than capable in these compartments, we get less and less attractive to her, because now you are that guy who will be there whenever she has troubles with other boys, and it is too risky for her to try to take it to the next level with you because you risk losing this “amazing friendship” that you got going on. Welcome to the friend zone, you poor sons of b*@ches. There is not much more I can say at this point apart from it might be too late to save you. You can try wiggle your way out of it anyway and in return confirm that you are in fact completely stuffed, and then end up with an awkward friendship.. or you can just bail completely. Hey you might even earn a legitimate best friend from the whole experience, if that is what floats your boat. If that don’t float your boat at all, that you want to stay away from that situation as much as possible. Just avoid it completely. And this is how you go about it.

I fell victim to this cruel fate a few times in my life, and it took me those few times to understand that I was going about it the wrong way, showcased in the previous paragraph. Since then I haven’t repeated the same mistakes, ever. In fact I go about meeting and getting to know new girls in a completely different style than I used to. You could say that aspect of my game has changed completely. The way I approach it now is simple. Get straight to the point. Don’t give the girl the chance to even assume you are there for the friendship, because they actually believe that could be one of the options, as mind-blowing as that sounds! What I mean by this is stay nice and approachable, but don’t become just a shoulder to cry on without making your main intentions clear. Drop something in there to suggest you are there for some old school male-on-female action and not a growing friendship. Be cheeky, flirtatious and occasionally sexual. Just being nice reveals nothing about you except that you are in fact just a “nice” guy, and these are the types of personalities that get friend zoned the most. Even going over the top with the sexual tension on a few occasions would be recommended, that way you definitely know if the girl is interested or not. This is a pretty hit-and-miss tactic, if she is in fact not interested then you will basically realise this as soon as you go too far. Although if she plays along then you have just fast-tracked yourself to your future goal my friend. Regardless of what the outcome ends up being, I prefer to go out on my shield, hence why I support this high risk approach. Preferably I like to figure out the outcome as soon as possible, rather than stick around just to end up in that dreaded danger zone. It ends the same way whether you prolong it or not. Basically, the moral of the story is show them what you want, don’t try to be their best friend because you think that is what they crave. Push towards your goals and then once you are well clear (and I’m talking really far away from that danger zone because if you are not careful you can always fall back into it), you can focus on being YOUR girls best friend as well as her man.


The Lucky Beard & Aiming High

So this is my first official “story post” about experiences with women. I thought it would be refreshing to stray away from giving advice for now and instead enlighten the readers with some of my curious predicaments and past experiences when it comes to females. Majority of these will continue to be helpful, while others might tell a humorous tale for the sake of entertainment or even a bit of both. For the time being I will stay away from bedroom stories because to me they come of as cheap material, and might also be confronting to some readers. Furthermore I don’t think I have enough experience to be entitled to give advice on the subject just yet, although I’m not writing of telling a silly sex story here and there just for the sake of some giggles. My girlfriend and future wife to be (my left hand) wouldn’t be very impressed reading about my bedroom shenanigans on a public blog either.

Now the current tale I’m writing about actually occurred today, more or less. The seed was kinda planted during a Saturday night out with friends and blossomed into a juicy plum-tree few days later.  Although while it might not be a groundbreaking story (and it definitely isn’t compared to some of the other stuff that happened to me) I felt compelled to write about it immediately. It got me jumpy and exited because I learned something new, and nothing excites me more than learning new things about women and those sticky situations (excuse the pun) . Actually, I wouldn’t go as far as to say It was a major discovery, but now that it hit me it makes a lot of sense. Without further ado here it is.

I go out on a Saturday night with a bunch of friends to a regular place of ours, nothing special. Drinking, dancing, singing,mingling…the usual. I’m feeling quite frisky on the night, great sign. About half way thought the event I dance with this girl who I previously had a short chat with outside. It is brief and we end up kissing . A walk in the park no biggie. Seconds later on the dance floor a random female face comes up to me and asks me why I kissed that girl. I’m slightly confused at the question due to the fact it is coming from a complete random. I say “I don’t know, why do you ask”, to which she replied ” you can do better”. Here we go, you got my attention now. Although when I ask by better, did she mean herself, she does not offer much in terms of a response, just a shrug. Continuing to dance in the same region as her, I have to be honest I’m not feeling the love. I definitely know when my presence is not wanted, and as I slowly moonwalk away (not really), that is the end of that chapter for the rest of the night.

The following day I wake up with about 70% recollection of the previous night. I go thought the photos on our regulars place official Facebook page. This is where things get interesting. Once I located our group shots, I noticed the girl from last night in all of them! Keep in mind these photos are basically from the start of the night, a long time before our encounter on the D-floor. This gives me some sort of indication that she might have been hanging around for a while and to why it might have bothered her that I kissed that other girl. Of course, strategically my next step is to locate this girl on Facebook and send over a little sneaky friend request. Step one was complete  and soon enough I achieved a conversation. After all the boring chatter I found out that she planed on kissing me the whole night, yet once I kissed that less attractive girl (yes, the shame) it turned her off completely, understandable. I have let my self down in more ways than one with this situation, and one of the main reasons is because I broke The Bro Code! Article 31: “When on the prowl, a Bro hits on the hottest chick first because you just never know”. Although this girl who wanted to kiss me wasn’t the “hottest chick” in the place, she was leaps and bounds better than the one I opted for instead. No one to blame this but me, keep this in mind my male friends, the Bro Code wasn’t written to be broken, especially in this case. In all seriousness it does make a valid point. You should always aim high no matter what, because you got nothing to lose, and obviously because you just never know. I certainly won’t make the same mistake again, and for the record me and that girl are still talking.

By now you may have noticed that the  “Lucky Beard” mentioned in the headline hasn’t been referred to yet. It does somehow correlates with this story and a previous one which I will briefly explain to you. I have grown this beard out exactly twice in my life, to this extent anyway. It’s no Moses style, more like the maximum hair you can have on your face without it starting to get out of control and curl up (think Gerard Butler in any of his manly roles). The last girl I was seeing hated it, but to be fair it wasn’t in its full glory because naturally when a woman tells you to do something you do it, so I shaved it before it could blossom. After that relationship went sour and my face was free to be as ugly as I wanted it to, I grew it, I grew that beard for no particular reason till I couldn’t no more. Then I man-skaped it. AND than I went out with it, and picked up in record time! This was a big deal for me because I was coming of a long lay of process due to being committed to one woman, kind of felt jet-lagged and rusty stepping over into the singles circles again. Plus I had this supposedly “ugly” fur coat on my face to hinder me. Regardless of all the negatives I spend the night at the females house. Fast forward few months later to the night I just talked about in my previous paragraph…the beard was back. Aside from having that one girl attempting to get with me most of the night, (which is mind-blowing that a girl is going after me for once as opposed to the other way around) there was also countless women coming up to me and giving me flirtatious gestures. Usually I would go insane with the possibilities but I was there to have fun with friends and only ended up talking to a few of those girls. Nevertheless the night was clearly different from other nights, and I give all the credit to the beard, laugh all you want. The poon magnet has been shaved off as I’m writing this because lets face it, you can have too much of a good thing. At this point I don’t know when it will be back again, it takes a while to grow so maybe a special occasion, but rest assured, if it really IS a lucky beard and it works spectacular miracles for the third time straight, I will document it all on this blog ASAP.


Crucial fact about women…yet I forgot to mention it

Not quite sure how this very important point slipped my mind. I could make the argument that this is the number one thing to remember , and that everyone already knows what I am going to tell you, but here it is anyway.No female brain thinks the same! All are uniquely separate in their own particular way. That means each bit of advice I have offered and will continue to offer on this blog does not guarantee success with various women out there. Different plans of attack (and defence) will be necessary for different individuals of the female sex. This relates directly to my first post “First, Foremost & Most Importantly, a friendly heads up” which explains all about getting to know a girls personality first before carefully choosing your plan of attack. Of course  by “getting to know” I actually mean getting to know that person thoroughly, not judging the character by appearance, first impressions or something silly along those lines. Once you know what you are dealing with, your job is simplified by about 50%.

Although how can I give advice about women as a whole when they are all supposedly different? Well there are groups of  women who fall into the same “categories” of liking similar things. For example, this particular group  might like funny or witty guys, but within that circle of women each brain has a handful of contrasting opinions and tastes when it comes to men. Therefore this friendly bunch of ladies all like funny guys, and you fit the bill, yet one of them still can’t stand you? Chances are, that one thing she hates about guys, you have that as well. You could be short or cocky etc.. but you have it. Just being funny wont work for her anymore. Be something more, maybe a funny guy who can dress well or even a guy who can crack jokes yet be mature at the same time, that kills two birds with one stone. But hey, you are still a witty guy, and the rest of those girls think  you are a catch right? Nevertheless this one does not, because they all have a set of  “wants” and boxes to tick, and you didn’t tick the “tall” one, no biggie. Furthermore she might just not give a damn about the male species at all at the time of your approach. Just because you have the bait (in this case being funny) does not mean you will catch every time.Like I mentioned before it is a numbers game.

This might have been a really poor effort at dissecting the topic, I am on holiday and a bit tipsy, not that I would do a better job if I was sober and at home.. Nevertheless I think I got my point across. Each mind is different, even if its only due to a minuscule detail, and the sooner you get used to that the better. It is very useful  to be prepared to adjust on the spot. Unique personalities require unique approaches and you will find that out with experience. Work on more aspects of your game than just being a one-dimensional “funny guy” or the “confident guy”, because those things could get stale to the more special girls and you can find your self in real trouble when it comes to keeping them constantly intrigued and entertained. Have some sort of mystery to your character, don’t let the opposition stereotype you so easy due to stereotypic behaviour you place on the table in front of them. It might just intrigue them to get to know you even more. And this is key regardless if you are looking for a  girlfriend or something cheeky and short-term instead.

I was recently called cocky myself (which is the reason I wrote this post) and it surprised me, because it is not usually the approach I go with, but I rolled with it due to the success it was getting. I didn’t act overconfident in this girls presence yet she still saw me this way and liked what she saw.Although I stated in my last post that confidence is key (here), but overconfidence will make you crash and burn, I was clearly wrong in this case. And for the sake of being repetitive, this was clearly due to the fact that this girl was different. They all are! Very crucial fact to remember and don’t you ever forget it, just keep evolving children and stay one step ahead! Nothing ended up happening with this girl, was just a very random and short phase… Anyway I think that sums it up on this topic, I done my best to confuse you about a topic that could have been explained in one sentence, and I am proud. Peace.


Key attribute to have for attracting the opposite sex

Continuing on from the last post where I talked about the most intriguing and constantly eye-opening topic while meeting new women, to me anyway. It was “not judging a book by its cover”. Cliche I know. Furthermore, personality was also talked about, as the most important glue in a relationship. Coming from someone who hates clichés and cheesiness, I still stand by what i said 110%.

Now what is the next step after you decide you want to get to know someone better? How do you begin? What do you need more than anything to possibly engage in the back-and-forth personality dance? You can’t just go up to someone and show them how magnificent you are as a person? Oh wait you can, and you should! Because the answer to the above questions is CONFIDENCE! The cliché king.Who saw that one coming? Who didn’t? It’s OK you are on this post for a reason, no shame. This one goes out to my boys more specifically, as we all know its common courtesy for the guy to approach the girl majority of the time, something I disagree with but whatever. I know what you are thinking, what about appearances? Surely that attributes majorly to first impressions? True, and if you are good-looking and you know it, confidence sits right there with you in your back pocket wherever you go. Although if you are nothing more than an average looking man or even less than that, confidence can carry you a long way! Think about all those guys you see who seem to be “punching above their weight” with girls that are way out of their league .I know what most of us males think, must be rich,incredibly smart or have a massive d*#k. Unfortunately sometimes these examples are true (although if someone was misfortunate enough to be less attractive, I doubt that sometimes their luck would be any better in the downstairs department, life sucks like that), but majority of the time it’s confidence! Girls love a confident guy! I have a handful of friends that fit this bill perfectly, and have met hundreds over my lifespan. It is quite the common character, not the best looking guy, you think he will most likely struggle to find a girlfriend, but he is funny and has a ton of confidence. Next thing you know he is breaking beautiful girls hearts left right and centre (not that I condone that kind of behaviour). Never ceases to amaze me.

Now there is a fine line between cockiness and confidence and that is knowing you are awesome, and just plain rubbing it into the girls face, in which case she will not give a S!#T about anything you say and rightfully so. Although I have recently been told that I seemed slightly cocky (surprising to me), and that it “only added to my sex appeal”, which is strange but I rolled with it, guess I’m still learning….Ahh female minds, it is important to remember that EVERY one of them thinks differently ( kicking my self for not mentioning this earlier, NEXT POST! ). Anyway, back to the topic at hand, if you stay cool, calm and collected with a solid amount of sass here and there and you got yourself a smooth confident conversation. Once you have engaged and gotten over that first speed hump, no reason to get intimidated by anything from this point on, keep at it, the hardest part is over and now it is just about maintaining a steady pace into more insightful dialogue and much more spontaneous things ;). Remember the more confidence you have the lesser chance of a mishap occurring, as well as a better recovery if one does in fact occur. Always good to think on your feet, it will build your skills exponentially as you keep practising. In fact, never go in with a plan, let it roll of the tongue.There is nothing to lose, and all the experience in the world to gain. If you have a rejection problem, you should throw that out the window. A random girl who knows nothing about you or your life except for your appearance in that particular situation and the few facts you told her about yourself, should not bring you down by her choice to not be interested in you for whatever reason. The number one thing you have to remember about this game specifically, is that it is a numbers game, and you have unlimited chances no matter what the outcome. Welcome.


First, Foremost & Most Importantly, a friendly heads up

This is my first topic on a blog that I have only just created, so as you could imagine it would have been a very long and strenuous process to decide what to start with..the endless topics and questions to run through regarding females…. But it wasn’t. This first and most important lesson/advice is the thing that popped into my head right of the bat, before any other thought even had a chance. This lesson that I have learned, keeps reminding me over and over and over again how significant it is, but now that will stop, because it is something I will live by. As cheesy as this may sound, the lesson is to “Never judge a book by its cover”So simple, yet so mind-blowing.

That Christian good girl from your church? She is talking dirty every night to a guy she has a crush on. That girl who is saving her virginity for someone special is just waiting to go off the rails once the first time is done and dusted. And that “slut” everyone is always talking bad about? Probably just a girl who has had a handful of boyfriends and an exaggerated number stamped onto her name by others.Now I’m not saying every girl with those back stories fits my description. In fact a lot of them are true to the stereotype that they try to put across and these could just be some of my silly examples. Regardless, they are still true in countless instances.And I have experienced it, on multiple occasions. Every time I talk to a new girl I still expect to experience it! It is that powerful! I can go as far as to say that it is one of the main reasons to why talking to new girls is exiting for me. Especially the ones you think you have figured out from the start .Then you get comfortable with her and she gets comfortable with you and BOOM, you find out that this person is so much more and in some cases completely different to what you would ever assume at first. Now your mind is blown and you start to think that soon enough another body part will follow in the same footsteps.( ;-P ) All I’m saying is don’t pass up on a woman because you imagine them to be someone who does not fit you ideal profile based on first impressions. Or at least not until you have given it a proper crack. If they are comfortable around you they will show their true colours, and that is when you can begin to make your proper assessment, because we all know personality is the most important thing right….#cheese

This brings me to my next important point..And that is what I said in the last sentence of the above paragraph. Yes, personality is the most important trait and it wasn’t a joke.Now you can think that sounds “”homo” (no discrimination) or cliché all you like. That is, until you meet an attractive girl with the personality of a wooden fence.Than you begin to understand. There is nothing else out there that kills a semi-chubby more than an attractive girl who can literally kill you with boredom (not literally ). I’m talking about those girls that are always doing “nothing” and have done “nothing” all day or on the weekend. Clearly I understand when someone asks you what you are doing and you say nothing because you are relaxing on the bed watching TV. Or even if you are reading a book and eating at the same time, I can still accept you classifying those activities as “nothing”, because let’s be honest those are pretty basic day-to-day things we do to kill boredom, but when you are cruising on the Pacific Ocean, feeding great white sharks and sipping on a Pina Colada, and you reply with “nothing u”… Than I just don’t see how you expect the other person to describe in detail what they are doing for you. Although I believe in putting in effort, when one half puts almost the double the amount into a relationship than the other, things never work out.Why? Because it is forced. You can only force something for so long, and this counts with any sort of relationship. Now some people might confuse personality with brains, suggesting that the attractive girl is a possible stereo type of “all beauty and no brains”. That happens too, and it is just as frustrating as someone with below 0 personality, but it can still work…because personality is not based on intelligence! And you need personality to keep things fresh! Anyway wrapping up this entry, I do strongly believe you should never judge women without more insight on them as you could be pleasantly surprised. As for personality, I believe that is the clear key attribute to getting along with anyone, especially the opposite sex, and it is something that can be identified in the first few encounters ( basic chemistry ). Yes you can achieve  great  first impressions with appearances alone, but that will only take you so far, or not far at all if you converse like a stone. Nevertheless, you have to catch that persons attention first before you go showing of your personality left right and centre. How do you do that? What is the key?Well that is a topic for another post…


Not so quick intro

Here is nothing more but an average guy writing about a popular enigmatic topic that is known as women, from an educational and occasionally entertaining experience acquired throughout his short semi exiting life so far. Now I’m no Dr.Phil when it comes to the topic nor do I claim to be, this is purely a boredom killing exercise inspired by close friends and acquaintances who have expressed their feelings to read and possibly LEARN (I know crazy right) something from my notes. If this blog can possibly educate and entertain in the smallest way possible, aside from just being my own useless thoughts on the internet about the rubix cube which is the female brain, than I have achieved much more than I set out to do in the first place. I want to say that I have also been told by WOMEN themselves that I know a lot more than they expected, “know my stuff”, they are “impressed” blah blah blah. And this isn’t my friends or someone I know inside and out, these are borderline randoms I am trying to figure out almost on the spot as well as impress at the same time. Now for one major point, and that is that I have never had an official girlfriend. No I’m not counting my steamy primary school affairs. Why read something I would say about women then? Because I learned out of failure, which is always the best way to learn anything (although the hardest) and someone like YOU will know what I have and haven’t done like I should have in many plausible situations.

Anyway, without dragging out this unnecessary “About Me” section any more than it should be (since everything in my blog will remain anonymous, including me) I want to say that despite everything that I might seem to know, this is a growing blog, I am relatively young and will be blogging new tricky experiences as they come my way, and knowing myself there will be plenty. Also the advice here is not guaranteed 100% to work, there are countless women out there all different in their own way always being impressed and satisfied by different things, as for the things I “think” I have learned about women, I strongly believe in all of it.Sorry about the length (never had to say that before,unfortunately ) looking forward to getting my views/knowledge to anyone and anything interested. PS this is a female friendly blog, no discrimination just harmless opinions from one man.#nohate